Ines ist ein freundlicher und sehr hübscher Hund, der auch freundlich zu anderen Hunden ist. Sie muss aber viel Schlimmes erlebt haben und hat ihre Angst vor Menschen noch nicht überwunden.


Sie muss bereits Welpen gehabt haben und wird Zeit und Geduld brauchen, um wieder Vertrauen zu fassen.


Wer schenkt ihr ein schönes Zuhause und hilft ihr dabei?


Update vom 20.08.2019:

Danke liebe Julia!


 Ich habe einen Tag in Halle 2 gearbeitet, wo Ines war und konnte sie problemlos streicheln. Sie kam sogar zu mir. Scheu ist sie definitiv nicht mehr. Trotzdem eine eher ruhige und zurückhaltende Hündin, die bei entspannten Leuten super aufgehoben wäre.

Ines is a friendly and very handsome dog, that is really friendly to other dogs. But she must have experienced a lot of bad stuff and hasn't overcome her fear of people yet.


She must already have had puppies and will need time and patience to regain trust and confidence.


Who gives her a beautiful home and helps her?


Update from 20.08.2019:

Thank you dear Julia!


 I worked one day in hall 2, where Ines was and could pet her without any problems. She even came to me. She is definitely not shy anymore. Still a rather calm and reserved dog who would be in great hands with relaxed people.

Please note that the fears among shy and scared dogs can be very diverse!

Many are afraid of people and lost their confidence. Some are rigid with fear, some run away, some would gasp if you let them no way out!


These dogs need time, patience, peace and understanding for dogs. It may be that a fearful dog dares to enter the house after weeks and can be touched only after a long time at all.


Keep in mind that you will probably not be able to walk with the dog without any problems in the first weeks!


Also keep in mind that small children in the dog's enviorment can scare the dog.


It wants to be well thougt out to take a shy dog... because it really takes patience and time!