Picior ist der Freund von Albisoara. Er ist noch sehr schüchtern, aber das wird sich sicher geben!


Er sucht ein schönes Zuhause auf Lebenszeit!


Leider hatte er Herzwürmer... Er wurde aber erfolgreich dagegen behandelt und ist wieder vollkommen gesund!


Update vom 23.08.2020:

Danke liebe Julia!

Ich war selber total erstaunt, aber als ich gestern Fotos gemacht habe, stand er plötzlich neben mir und ließ sich total kraulen!!! Er sollte natürlich trotzdem zu hundeerfahrenen Menschen, aber er ist wirklich nicht mehr extrem scheu.


Picior is the friend of Albisoara. He still is very shy, but that will change for sure!


He's looking for a nice home for the rest of his life!


Unfortunately he had heartworms... But he was successfully treatd and is perfectly healthy again!


Update from 23.08.2020:
Thanks dear Julia!
I was totally amazed myself, but when I took pictures yesterday, he suddenly stood next to me and let me scratch him totally! He should of course still go to dog-experienced people, but he is really not extremely shy anymore.

Please note that the fears among shy and scared dogs can be very diverse!

Many are afraid of people and lost their confidence. Some are rigid with fear, some run away, some would gasp if you let them no way out!


These dogs need time, patience, peace and understanding for dogs. It may be that a fearful dog dares to enter the house after weeks and can be touched only after a long time at all.


Keep in mind that you will probably not be able to walk with the dog without any problems in the first weeks!


Also keep in mind that small children in the dog's enviorment can scare the dog.


It wants to be well thougt out to take a shy dog... because it really takes patience and time!